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TIPS on curb appeal and boosting your home value

Update landscaping by removing dead shrubs, trees and flowers and replace with drought resistant, Texas friendly foliage and flowers seasonally.
  • Keep front door freshly stained or painted and always clean.
  • Repair, power-wash, seal wood fences and paint iron fences as they lose their luster.
  • Replace or repair gutters and downspouts to help avoid water damage to the exterior of your home.
  • Replace fogged or broken windows.
A good rule of thumb is, stand back and view your home from a distance; what catches your eye, good or bad, will more than likely catch the eye of a potential buyer.

Does your house have "Curb Appeal?"

The term "curb appeal" is the most understated term in Real Estate.  Half the sale is complete if a buyer decides to go through the doors.  Therefore, it is very important to make the exterior as appealing as possible:
The exterior is a strong indicator of the interior.  A home that is in top condition will bring top dollar.

Major Re-Do or New Construction

Important Information for Homeowners contemplating a Major Re-Do or New Construction:

The Willow Bend Lakes Home Owners Association has retained the services of an architect to evaluate the proposed plans from homeowners when they request approval for making exterior changes to their existing home or building a new home on their lot.  The services of a licensed professional will provide the ACC review board with the knowledge to make informed decisions in the approval or non-approval process of architectural changes or new construction.  Download form HERE.

Architectural Standards’ Bulletins

Architectural Standards’ Bulletins are now also accessible using Adobe Acrobat Reader and the appropriate links below.

Topics covered by Bulletins:


Dear Homeowner:

The Request for Home Improvement Submission Form (down load here or on-line form) must be completed for any anticipated exterior alterations to your home.  Please review the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Willow Bend Lakes, to find detailed requirements for your project.  Please remember that you may be very familiar with your project, however The Architectural Control Committee is not.  Please be specific and detailed in the submission of your project to eliminate questions and unwanted delays in the processing of your submittals.

Please make sure you provide the following information:
  • A completed Architectural Control Committee Submission Form;
  • A copy of your Survey showing the location of the house, along with any other structures on your lot, and the proposed structure (including dimensions from the property line or other structures);
  • A description of the project, including dimensions of the project;
  • A copy of your Contractor's Bid and Specifications, to include a complete materials list of the project, including paint and/or sealant color;
  • A picture or drawing of the intended project.
This information must be provided before your application will be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee ("ACC") for consideration.  Please note that the ACC will advise you of their decision within thirty (30) days after receipt of your plans.  The ACC reserves the right to request any additional information it may need to make a final determination on your submittal.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and compliance with the Restrictions that govern Willow Bend Lakes.

Thank you,
Willow Bend Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc. Board of Directors

Important Information for Residents Living on a Lake

Sea Walls
Sea walls have become necessary on some of the properties on the big lake (Mariners/Seascape). More lakeside homeowners may also feel it necessary to install sea walls. As a result the Willow Bend Lakes HOA Board has established standards to ensure uniformity.

If you wish to install a sea wall remember that an Architectural Home Improvement Application Form MUST be submitted and approved PRIOR TO commencement of any work.

Mailboxes and Basketball Goals

In accordance and in compliance with the Third Amended Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions several notices have been mailed to homeowners not in compliance with the CC&R’s and Architectural Standards Bulletin relating to mailboxes.

We request that anyone needing to paint his or her mailbox paint it BLACK (this will help to standardize our neighborhood).  If the mailbox needs to be repaired be sure it is completed according the guidelines in the governing documents (see WBL HOA Covenants) and if you need to replace it, remember to complete and submit a Home Improvement Form for approval.  PLEASE DO NOT START WORK UNTIL you have received an approved Home Improvement Form.  If work is done which does not meet CC&R standards, or for which a variance has not previously been granted, you may be required to redo the work or you may be fined.

The Board's next focus will be basketball goals.  Basketball goals (permanent or portable) should have been approved or grandfathered by the Board (documentation required), be in good repair, have a net, a black pole, one goal and meet all requirements set forth in the current CC&R’s

If you forgot to get approval and have a basketball goal send in a Home Improvement Form as urgently as possible in order to seek approval and avoid a violation notice.

Your Board REALLY appreciates your assistance in these matters.

Home Improvement Application

Request For Home Improvement Application
In an effort to provide and protect each individual's homeowner rights and property value, it is required that any homeowner or group of owners considering improvements to their deeded property which affect the structure of a building common to other homeowners, or improvements which are visible from other houses, submit a REQUEST FOR HOME IMPROVEMENT APPLICATION to the Architectural Committee prior to initiating work on planned improvements.

Please download the form using Adobe Acrobat by clicking here or fill out an
on-line form here

Mail To:

        1800 Preston Park, Suite 101
        Plano, Texas 75093
        Attention: Property Manager

You can also print the form, fill the information out, and fax it directly to the Willow Bend Lakes Homeowner's Association.  Make the fax to the attention of WBL HOA Property Manager at fax number 214-778-0500.  Please call the Management office at 972-943-2800 if you have any questions.