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directory explanations

The Directory is for all residents of the neighborhood.

We have only included the names of children when a parent has specifically requested us to do so; and telephone prefixes when advised by the homeowner.

The information for residents of The Enclave was obtained, in the most part, from The Enclave’s Board Representative to Willow Bend Lakes Master Homeowners’ Association.  In the absence of information obtained directly from the parent, it was decided prudent NOT to include the names of children.

In order to maintain a current and accurate Directory, residents of both Willow Bend Lakes and The Enclave Homeowners Associations should use the Willow Bend Lakes Master Homeowners’ Directory Information Form to notify their Management Company Representative of any corrections, additions or changes to their entry.  The Management Companies will then forward these Forms to the Communications/Directory Chairperson.


This Directory is provided as a service to the members of Willow Bend Lakes Homeowners’ Association, Inc. and the Enclave Homeowners’ Association, Inc. for the security and privacy of the homeowners of Willow Bend Lakes and the Enclave, this directory may not be used for solicitation or commercial purposes.  Each homeowner will use the directory solely to assist in communication with fellow residents.  The directory may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, by any means, added to a database or converted to any other format without the prior written consent of the Associations.  In the event that a homeowner of Willow Bend Lakes or the Enclave sells his or her home, such homeowners shall return the directory to the association in care of the managing agent.