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directory information form


Willow Bend Lakes would like to list you in the Homeowner's Directory
But we don't want to publish any information you want to keep private.  Please be sure to indicate those items you DO NOT want to publish.

Full name(s) as you would like it listed in the directory:

NAME(S) _________________________________________________


E-MAIL His _________________________________   Hers _________________________________

HOME PHONE__________________

CELL His _________________________________   Hers _________________________________

WORK His _________________________________   Hers _________________________________

The Patrol Service will call you as a courtesy if it is noted that your garage door is open.

Call me no matter what time it is Yes_____ No______

Do not called after ____________ (AM/PM)

The contact number to use when the Courtesy Patrol Service sees my garage door open

is ____________________________________ or ____________________________________


Include my information in the HOA directory      Yes   No

Print e-mail address in HOA directory               Yes   No

For notification of Association matters and important community information

I want to be notified by voice blast                     Yes   No

          If yes, what number: _______________________

I want to be notified by e-mail blast                   Yes   No

          If yes, what email address: __________________________________

Signature _____________________________________________

Email information to Tim McConville

Mail information to CMA Management
1800 Preston Park Blvd. Ste. 101
Plano, TX 75093

Form Date 5/29-2010

This Directory is provided as a service to the members of Willow Bend Lakes Homeowners’ Association, Inc. and the Enclave Homeowners’ Association, Inc. for the security and provacy of the homeowners of Willow Bend Lakes and the Enclave, this directory may not be used for solicitation or commercial purposes.  Each homeowner will use the directory solely to assist in communication with fellow residents.  The directory may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, by any means, added to a database or converted to any other format without the prior written consent of the Associations.  In the event that a homeowner of Willow Bend Lakes or the Enclave sells his or her home, such homeowners shall return the directory to the association in care of the managing agent.