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Grounds and Maintenance Committee

By Mike Douglass, Committee Chair
This committee is responsible for maintaining the lakes, the fountains, irrigation, and landscaping. Committee members include: Joe Tucker, Jaci Crawford, Donna Logan, Els Bowen, Betsy Simpson, and several other part time volunteers. The front lake pumps are working as designed and keeping a nice flow of water over the falls. You may not know that the front lakes are filled by an on-site well. The well pump controller is temperature sensitive so it is having a little trouble in the heat but it is able to keep up with our needs. Much of the irrigation around and near the front lakes uses the lake water supply so we are saving a lot of money by not using water from the public water supply. This system is also working as designed so we are in good shape there. You probably noticed that we just completed work on the spillway. There is a natural spring next to the spillway that needed better drainage so as not to weaken the dam. We chose to take action before any serious damage was sustained. We changed to a new company responsible for maintaining the water quality in our lakes. You might have noticed the lakes were looking overgrown with plants early in the summer but the new company got this under control. The lakes look great again. Landscaping is a challenge in this hot weather. I think it looks quite nice due to the fine selection of plants. Wow! That's a lot going on. If you want to help with anything, let me know.

The Board and Committees are working diligently to keep the park and greenbelt areas looking good, which isn't easy with Mother Nature not cooperating. I would like to make a suggestion. Please look at the greenbelt behind your house. Is your fence in good shape? Are your plants and trees overgrown? Is your irrigation system flooding the greenbelt by running too long or due to poor drainage? I have started touring the greenbelts and there are some areas that need some sprucing up. Let's try to keep that area looking nice for our neighbors, too. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Pruning oak trees in the greenbelts without permission

Some homeowners have been pruning oak trees in the greenbelts without permission. The most important reason we do not want you to prune is because of oak wilt. The following is information regarding oak wilt.

More than one million oak trees have been destroyed by oak wilt in Texas in the last 20 years. Oak wilt is a lethal vascular disease that is caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum. The fungus lives and grows in the current year's xylem and all families of oaks are susceptible.

Oaks attempt to stop the spread of the fungus by producing gummy substances called tyloses. The combination of the fungus and tyloses disrupt the flow of water to the canopy and contributes to the leaf wilting and drop associated with oak wilt.

Members of the red oak trees are the most susceptible. Infected trees rapidly wilt from the top of the canopy downward and trees usually die within 4-6 weeks.

Live oaks vary in their response to oak wilt. Some trees die quickly while others may recover. Live oak leaves develop a striking leaf pattern, with reddish-brown veins that contrast with the color of the rest of the leaf.

We can help prevent oak wilt by pruning the oak trees at the proper time. Avoid pruning between February 15 and June 15, the period for maximum insect and fungal mat activity. When possible prune trees between December 1 and February 1, or between July 1 and October 1.

If you think your trees have oak wilt you can consult an arborist. Call the Collin County Extension Office @972‑424‑1460 x4232, Contact the Texas Forest Service @ 214‑953‑1190, Check Texas A&M web site @, or Texas Forest Service @

Prior approval for any pruning is required from the HOA. Pruning must be done by qualified and knowledgeable professionals. Thank you for your cooperation.

Arcitectural Control Home Improvemnet Submission Form

Common Areas Not Looking Up To Snuff?

If you see any of the following in our greenbelts or other common areas:

  • trees or tree limbs fallen to the ground
  • broken sprinklers
  • sprinklers that run too long
  • sprinklers that run during the middle of the day
  • etc.
Please contact our Property Manager at CMA 972‑943‑2800 as soon as possible.  We ALL need to look after our neighborhood ...

Are you worried about MOSQUITOES?

Some of our residents are concerned about a mosquito problem especially around our lakes areas. Never fear, an independent expert has advised your Homeowners’ Association that we currently do NOT have many mosquitoes as a result of our lakes. Mosquitoes come more from standing water in pots in low lying areas etc. and that YOU, the homeowner, can do most to prevent a mosquito infestation if you limit watering when it is raining (save money too) and avoid overfilling plants in pots that hold water. The City of Plano expert in this area is Mike Hodnett (972-941-5285 or log onto